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Congratulations on your engagement!



Booking a photographer is just one item on the long list of things that makes up your wedding planning. I admit, as a photographer, it was the first thing I booked for my own wedding.  However, even being in the industry I wasn't absolutely sure how to find the 'right' photographer for us, but I felt it was really important that they were 'right'. What I did know was how I like to shoot a wedding, and it became clear pretty quickly that that was what I was looking for in our man/woman!


The way I shoot is really an expression of my personality: I am very happy just to do my thing and photograph the day unfolding, but also am totally open to taking cues from the wedding party if and when they give them. It makes my day when I'm told after wedding shoots that guests had said they thought I was a friend because I just seemed to blend in. This also means that I am achieving one of my goals of being a bit 'invisible'. The last thing I want to do is to distract from the bride and groom, mainly because i can get more of the shots that I want if noone really clocks me, but also because I really don't want to upset you or your guests. Ultimately, I want to be respectful of the day that you have planned because it really is a very great honour to photograph this amazing occasion in two peoples' lives.





The wedding shoot that I offer is 8 hours long which generally covers the time from the bride getting ready through to the first dance. A question I am often asked is whether or not I do group shots. Group photos, i would say, are reasonably essential as a record for all generations, but I don't labour over them and I try not to make them too formal (make sure there's an usher or two with some good entertainment skills!). I want everyone to be relaxed with me being there and not to feel as though they are being kept from the merry-making.  If you really don't want any group shots, then I will leave that decision up to you. Another way to have any group photos you might want is to grab me when you see me during the day for some less formal shots.





Once I have left you in your glorious post-marriage elation,  I spend about a week editing and retouching the images that I will send to you. Please allow 2 weeks to receive the final images, and up to 4 weeks during the summer wedding season.






  • 8 hour shoot from bridal preparations to first dance
  • 300-400 edited images as digital downloads
  • password protected gallery with all your edited images for you to share on social media and with friends via the gallery
  • if the shoot is outside Central London, travel expenses and, if necessary, accommodation, will be charged on top.


If you do not require the full 8 hours, please do feel free to contact me to discuss reduced charges for this. The amount of images you receive will be proportionate to how much time I spend at the shoot.





"We've just had a quick look through, and there really are a LOT of spectacularly good photos.  We couldn't be more happy with the results. Thanks again!"


"So enjoying these and I haven't even seen them all yet.  Some truly beautiful ones.  Bringing back lots of excellent memories..."


"Thank you so much for the pictures - they are brilliant!  We've only had a chance to look through them once, but they look really great, and so thank you for capturing the day and allowing us to re-live it!"


"We are finally back from our honeymoon, and were delighted to get the photos from you.  They are really lovely and capture the day we had perfectly!  There are so many images we love and it was a real pleasure to have you spend the day with us and capture the fun in the way that you did."


"As far as we are concerned a new album is waiting already for its occupants.  The only trouble is, so many are so good we will have a very hard time choosing.  You are right about the photographer(s) being the eyes for the day.  Looking at the photos I realise I missed talking to so many guests, and, as sadly we can't do it all over again, the photos must be our record of that wonderfully joyous day."


"We are delighted with them and you have managed to capture both the spirit of the day and some beautiful moments we would not otherwise have seen.  Thank you so much for all your help on the day."


"Thank you sooo much! We absolutely love them!! A fantastic record of the day and you have captured people perfectly. We will definitely be printing up most of them! We couldn't have asked for a better photographer - thank you so much! Let's do it all again!!!!!"