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I have lived near in North London, for 21 years, having very recently moved from Islington to Stoke Newington. I love the buzz and energy of the urban world and all the culture and diversity that it offers, but I do truly feel at home in nature with all its colours and textures that change with the seasons. I am married, and my husband and I head to Anglesey, North Wales when we can - a place that has been close to my heart all of my life - where we walk to explore the beautiful, rugged coast, and cycle to find alternative routes (and inland pubs).  When I'm not reading, at the theatre, or trying out a new 'healthy' (read, inedible) recipe on my long-suffering husband, I enjoy hanging out with our many nieces and nephews and godchildren.  Music also plays a big part in my life: I can be found singing on a Tuesday evening with my local choir; and I have been known to breakdance - not without personal cost.

I'd like to have a dog. And a vegetable patch. And to be able to play Beethoven's 'Pathetique' really, really well on the piano. I suspect only two of those dreams have the potential to become a reality...

(photograph ©Phillipa Gedge Photography)